Yesterday we show you the figures presented by Alexis Calvo on AMT Torrent 2017, today is the turn to introduce Joan Carles Ros “Rosman’s” miniatures. As we did, we begin with a video in which you will see, when finishing, an spoiler of what you’ll see in tomorrow’s entry here and in our Youtube channel.

The first one is Bocanegra by Bigchild Creatives for their brand Black Sailors, it has been already seen in the entry we prepared for our collaboration with Figure Painter Magazine, we put again the figure’s gallery.

The second one is The Necromancer, that has not been seen on this blog. It belongs to Clay Dreams Miniatures brand and was the box art for the mentioned brand.

The third is The Miracle, a figure by Semper Fidelis Miniatures, again, that figure has been seen in another entry.

That figure was awarded by a honour mention in the historical master painting category.

That has been the figures presented to Torrent, until Tomorrow that you will see the last figure painted by Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”.