In our Number 0, you would see the first dossier we’ve done, for that occasion, focused on the new spanish brand Semper Fidelis. In it you will find:

  • An interview with José Ríos, the owner, in which will tell us the curiosities about creating that new venture with his own brand.
  • Unboxing of “The Miracle” miniature, showing all its parts and our opinion.
  • Step by Step of “The Miracle”, where you will see how our member “Rosman” paints the whole figure for the box art and a gallery of the finished figure.
  • Gallery of “The Jagger”, the last new of the brand painted by the other half of the team, Alexis Calvo.

And to enjoy “The miracle” here, we let this video, a 360º turn around to show the whole figure.


Do not forget to visit the Semper Fidelis webpage: