In the today’s entry we do a recomendation of what we think is totally indispensable tool for any modeler, sculptor and artist that wanted to be competent in human anatomy.

It is so good to have more references than the tipical wood figure or the more common picture showing the muscular formation of the front side and back.

We are refering to Dinamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth, that wonderful book and its continuations: dinamic heads, dinamic hands, dinamic wrinkles and drapery and dinamic light and shadow; all them are an awesome reference for the thousand doubts that come to mind when you go to topics as articulations, muscles, bendings, tension and all we have to represent in the human body

Burne Hogarth is one of the main american comic drawers, as Milton Caniff, Alex Raymond and Hal Foster are; and he will be ever reminded for his awesome Tarzan’s version.

Alexis Calvo