That past weekend (24, 25 and 26 of march) has been celebrated the Crystal Brush contest in the awesome Adepticon show in Chicago. That contest is organized by the wellknown page Cool mini Or Not (CMON).

That portal began as a gallery where the people upload pictures of their painted figures and the users voted them, then it grow to a forum, on-line shop… And now is a great enterprise in the miniature and wargames business, which does great succesful crowdfunding campaing getting more than 1000000$.

Getting back to the contest… It is the seventh edition. The biggest claim is that the three bests have economical prices, valorated in: 10000$ for the best of show, 2000$ to the second best and 1000$ for the third best. For other things it is a normal miniatures contest. With a low participation and level of the entries (compared to the contests we see in Europe), but, there are few works that has an insane level, done by the best artists of the modelling comunity, whom travel to the contest from far away to try to get a so interesting awards. With whole that we see works, several times, scratches sculpted and painted only for that contest, collaborating in tandem, great sculptors and painters.

That year have nbot been an exception, an we saw painters as: Marike Reymer, Sergio Calvo, Joaquin Palacios, Ben Komets, Kirill Kanaev, Michal Pisarsky, Franchesco Farabi, Fabrizio Russo… All great artists and wellknown people of the modelling community.

You could see the winners of all categories in the official webpage: (

You can see them there but we wanted to do a special tribute to the three overall winners:

3rd Best of show: Francesco Farabi and Michael Kontraros with OZ:

2nd Best of show: Michal Pisarsky with Tribute:

1st Best of show: Sergio Calvo and Joaquin Palacios with Space Wolf:

The choosing of the winners is what in our group of friends have been thought, maybe changing in any place, but without variations.

Another edition of that curious contest has passed, i whish some year they bring it to Europe, breaking the barrier of the great cost of the travel, that will aim lot of painters to go and make it grow, seeing wonderful works more contesters and figures.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”