Yesterday Blacksmith Miniatures presented their Kickstarter campaign, titulated “The world of Jean-Baptiste Monge”, then what we will find are figures from this great french illustrator ( A world of little goblins, fairies and animals, anyone as cutest as the next  although it is a diabolic creature.

Campaign lnk

As expected it was funded is few hours, the hype gained before the campaign, since they anounced the presentation date. Only 24 hous after begging they have collected 14632€. In this campaign great artist have been involved: Jean-Baptiste Monge, the great illustraton in which are based this wonderful figures; Patrick Masson and Valentin Zack as sculptors; Martin Goumaz, Matthieu Roueche and Jean Marc Brisset as painters and, finally, Anastassios Kandris as graphic designer. This names are very well known in the modellistic and fantasy figures world.

The presented figures are:

The “St Paddys Day”, “Red Cap” y Crooks of London models has been masterly sculpted by Valentin Zack, while, “Key Keeper”, “Fairy” and “Kobold” have been done by the great Patrick Masson.

We could see their first couple of box arts.

A great interpretation of this two wonders.

As in all campaigns there are several stretch goals:

Which have been unlocked Kobold, sculpted by Patrick Masson, the first pdf and the small deck:

For whole, we will see a lot of nice figures and, for sure, there are so many more planed when they exceed the 25000€. The only thing i miss in it is more freebies, i know that are several free pdfs listed, but a pin, complements or a small exclusive figure… is something very welcomed in that occasions.

The contribution levels have a very good prices, they are:

1.- An individual figure for 22€ (except Crooks of London).

2.- Two individual figures for 40€ (except Crooks of London); what suposes 4€ of saving if you buy the figures individually.

3.- The group “Crooks of London” 55€

4.- Three individual figures for 60€ (except Crooks of London); what suposes 6€ of saving if you buy the figures individually.

5.- The group “Crooks of London” and an individual figure for 75€; what suposes 2€ of saving if you buy the figures individually.

6.- The group “Crooks of London” and two individual figures for 90€; what suposes 9€ of saving if you buy the figures individually.

7.- The group “Crooks of London”, “St Paddys Day”, “Red Cap”, “Key Keeper” and “Fairy” for 110€; what suposes 33€ of saving if you buy the figures individually.

8.- A miniature painted Jean Marc Brisset for 200€ (Limited to 15)

9.- All what includes the 7th level and the whole Blacksmith Miniatures range for 420€; what suposes 122,5€ campaing price or 62,5€ campaign prices of saving. That leves doesn’t includes more add-ons or the unlocked figures for free, they have to add them apart adding more funds to the pledged (Limited to 10).

10.- All what includes the 7th level plus an original illustration by Jean-Baptiste Monge by pencil (Limited to 4)

As you could see, the amounts are very reasonable and even more if you buy several miniatures, letting small groups save some money. The sending taxes are not included, for that, inform you careful to not be surprised at the end.

As add-ons, you have the figures of the campaing and the whole Blacksmith Miniatures range at a special prices :

The size of the models is more or less 40mm, as you could see in this diagram by the creators:

For the casting they have trusted again in GRX Creations expert team that they have had great result, which could be seen on brands as: Black Sun Miniatures, Terrible Kids Stuff… and a lot of sculptors own creations.

For all that exposed, a great crowdfunding campain that was a succes even not beggined and which has demonstrated being funded only in a couple of hours after its begining. We hope lot of triumphs in the campaign live and great funding amount, letting the creators and artists involved be in that commerce for long years. I will buy some figures for sure.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”