Several times you discover an ilustrator or comic drawer by one of his works, and after that, you try to get all his works, because obviously a well done works becomes in an adiction to the viewer. My own meeting with that curiously “celt” virginian was when he began with one of his mainstream works, The raven’s banner, it was one of my very first hard cover books, what gives a kind of magic to it. That comic atracted me for its atmosfear, its light, and among that, for its creative freedom that has having in mind that it is a Marvel’s comic.

It is visible that what is important for mr. Vess, is not the academicism, the definition, and other topics that for almost any artist are so important, what he gets with that “missdrawing” is to recreate milimetrical lights, reflexes, and a reality desconection for who sees his works.

Alexis Calvo