Wargame Exclusives unboxing, the light in the darkness

The other day we brought you the representation of the supreme chaos in figure shape for the Wargame Exclusive unboxing, today we bring you the totally oposed, the supreme god with her angel wings and her saint look in the darkest hour, it is the Sister Saint Celestia model. Again a proxie for a battle sisters army. Data: Name: Sister [...]

September 4th, 2017|Brands, Collaborations, News, Unboxing|

N. A. W. Magazine Compendium vol. 1

In this six first months that we are with you sharing material, step by step, unboxings... has been for a lot of things, with interesting files and even more interesting colaborations. For all that, some time ago, we thought that it could be a great idea to put toghether that material which has been published [...]

Unboxing Wonder Woman, Knight Models, 35mm

Last week we saw the paint and award won by our member Joan Carles Ros "Rosman" with Knight Model's Wonder Woman miniature. Today we bring you theunboxing. Before all, i bought the figure on the official web page, they advice you that it will arrive tou your home in 15th days. In my own case [...]

August 14th, 2017|Unboxing|

Greater God resting Sniper

After several weeks showing the unboxing and the step by step. Finally i bring you the figure Greater God resting sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand finished. I let you a gallery with a lot of views: You [...]

Wargame Exclusive unboxing 4

And we arrived to the last week in we are going to review a model of Wargame Exclusive brand, the figure is Greater God Marauder. You could see all reviewed figures here:  Greater Good Resting Sniper, Necrocyborg Grim Reaper y Mechanic Adept Sealed Eradicator Sergeant with Gravi-Cannon. Data: Name: Greater God Marauder Size: 28mm Material: Resin Price: 12,99€ Number of parts: [...]

June 5th, 2017|Unboxing|

Wargame Exclusive unboxing 3

Another week and another monday dedicated in reviewing a Wargame Exclusive miniature, in that chance we will do the unboxing of Mechanic Adept Sealed Eradicator Sergeant with Gravi-Cannon. You could see the analized figure here:  Greater Good Resting Sniper y Necrocyborg Grim Reaper. Data: Name: Mechanic Adept Sealed Eradicator Sergeant with Gravi-Cannon Size: 28mm Material: Resin Price: 14,99€ Number of [...]

May 29th, 2017|Unboxing|

Wargames Exclusive unboxing 2

In the second entry focused in that wonderful brand, i bring you today the second unboxing of the figures that Wargames Exclusives sent us. If you want to see the last week's entry you could see it here: Wargames Exclusive unboxing 1 In that occasion we are going to see anoder of the races that they have [...]

May 22nd, 2017|Unboxing|

Wargame Exclusives unboxing 1

Sometime ago we contacted to the Wargame Exclusive brand, they sended several figures to do reviews and work on them. That brond does "proxies" for a wellknown sci-fi wargame. Today we begin with the unboxing of one of the references, the Greater Good Resting Sniper. Data Name: Greater Good Resting Sniper Size: 28mm Material: Resin Prize: 12,99€ Number [...]

May 15th, 2017|Sin categoría, Unboxing|

Kelzaral bust by Fran Bushi

Some time ago i get a copy of this bust that catched my atention due it was based in the disapeared game Confrontation done by Rackham. The figure is based in the Kelzaral the diabolical from de Mid-Nor dwarves. Another thing that surprized me is that this is one of the first sculptures by Fran [...]

May 2nd, 2017|Unboxing|

Infected Zombie ver II

Giorgos Tsougkouzidis as figure range, send us several time ago the Infected Zombie bust, and today we bring the review of the figure: Features Name: Infected Zombie ver II Size: 11cm Scale: ±1/10 Sculptor: Giorgos Tsougkouzidis The bust is composed by two parts, the whole zombie body and its large thongue: The four views of the [...]

April 12th, 2017|Unboxing, Work in progress|

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