N. A. W. Magazine Compendium vol. 1

In this six first months that we are with you sharing material, step by step, unboxings... has been for a lot of things, with interesting files and even more interesting colaborations. For all that, some time ago, we thought that it could be a great idea to put toghether that material which has been published [...]

Greater God resting Sniper

After several weeks showing the unboxing and the step by step. Finally i bring you the figure Greater God resting sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand finished. I let you a gallery with a lot of views: You [...]

Step by step Wargame Exclusives part 5

Here i bring to you the last part of the step by step of the figure Greater God Resting Sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand. As i did with the photography articles i will put the summary of the whole entries at the end. In that entry i'm going to paint the parts of the alien that were [...]

July 17th, 2017|Brands, Guidance, Step by step, Tutorials|

Step by step Uther lord guardian in N. A. W. Magazine nº1

In that new number of N. A. W. Magazine nº1 our member Joan Carles Ros "Rosman" has done a huge step by step about the figure Uther from Black Crow Miniatures brand, sculpted in Digital 3D by Raul Garcia Latorre, it has been called Lord Guardian. It is so more teorical than the article Voodoo Time which could be seen in N. A. [...]

Step by step Wargame Exclusives part 3

After a non stop week due the launching of our N. A. W Magazine nº1 (you could purchase it in our shop, individually or in a pack) all its returning to the normality, both in lives of N. A. W. members as here on the blog. Today, i know it is tuesday, we will continue [...]

Step by step Wargame Exclusives parte 2

Here you have the second part of the step by step about the figure from Wargame Exclusives cathalogue, the Greater God Resting Sniper. In that occasion i'm going to explain how i painted the golden parts of the base. You could se the unboxing here: Wargame Exclusives unboxing 1: and the first part of the sbs in the [...]

June 19th, 2017|Step by step, Tutorials, Work in progress|

Step by step Wargames Exclusives part 1

Today we will continue doing the monday entries didicated to Wargame Exclusives figures, but changing the way. Until now we have seen detailedly unboxings of the four figures that they gave free for us, today I am going to begin an step by step here on the blog of the Greater God Resting Sniper figure, it's review [...]

June 12th, 2017|Step by step, Tutorials, Work in progress|

Step by step, painting orc eyes

Some time ago i have prepared a step by step of the painting process of  bust eyes, it is Kazhatdram from the brand Galapagos Miniatures. A brutal bust modeled and painted for the box art by Ju-Won Jung. I give you the names of the paint brands i have used: LF: Life Color VMC: Vallejo [...]

April 18th, 2017|Sin categoría, Step by step, Tutorials|

Step by step of a scale mall in golden NMM

I prepared an step by sted a while ago about the Dagon's cult priest by Carnevale. First of all I'm sory of the low quality of the photos, they've been done with my mobile and fast thats why they are not at 100%, but I think that the pics are understendable. Nomenclatures: CC: Citadel Colours. [...]

April 11th, 2017|Sin categoría, Step by step, Tutorials|

Guidance, course, teaching… Partnering the whole process to someone who begins

Several days ago, I was chating with my friend Ruben Canals and we both decided to do a serial of articles. The basic concept is that we are gonna paint the same figure, progressing together until we finish it. But it will be so more complex and richier, i will be guiding him, helping, growing [...]

March 30th, 2017|Guidance, Step by step, Tutorials|

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