The convination in a matrimony of awesome artists, is not a so common thing but not imposible. He es from Perú but living in USA for lot of time and she is a well known bodybuilder.

Boris Vallejo is a name that brings to mind an epoque of outstanding covers about barbarians, female warriors and dragons. He has an excelent technique and a very traditional way about using materials and media, but so personal too. He makes us to enjoy with classical fantasy images so realistic for many years, in fact, he is one of the easiest to recognize fantasy ilustrators

He is married with a unique and wonderful artist whom equals him in technique but is even more audacious in the color use. As Boris, Julie uses bodybuilders as models, and that is visible in her great anatomy control, that is applied to her super heroes ilustrations.

Lastly July is making us to enjoy in Facebook with a wonderful big sized works where animals are depicted with an even more classical and personal style.

Alexis Calvo