Today I bring you a figure that i painted in 2015, focused in introducing it to that year’s Monte San Savino. The figure is from Heroes & Villains Miniatures brand.

The figure catched my eye since i saw it first when it not was official on sale on Torrent and they brought several copies to sell. The miniature is sculpted by Pedro Fernandez and painted for the box art by Marc Masclans.

When i first saw it, comed to my mind what i was going to do, represent more flaying rocks as came in the base supplied in the kit and put it in a forest like with a small river that allowed me to represent some water.

For painting the model i used acrylics, mostly from Scale Colours range, but i used Ctadel and Vallejo too. Even more important than that were the great inspiration gave to me by two books, light and colour and imaginative realism, both by James Gurney, Dinotopia’s illustrator. I discovered that books i one to my visits to a book shop where i ever go to the art section. They have changed and inproved my color theory understanding and they are allways on my table before starting a new project. Soon i will do a review of them.

I let you a galery of the figure:

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”