Since several days ago we are in april and, that means that this is the month of one of the most well known modelling fair in Spain, the Asociacion de Modelistas de Torrent (AMT) event, this years dates are 21, 22 and 23 of that month. This is one of the most iconical fairs that are held in the spanish territory. In it more than one thousan models of all disciplines, topics, and formats.

We will find a comercial fair, full of the greatest shops and producers, making it one of the most atractive part of the event, and for sure, our pokets will suffer a lot. We let you a link of the comercial fair, it is not updated to the 2017th edition but in a few days will be up to date, you could se it here.

This year we will have the honour to see the Pegaso Models crew and Pietro Balloni as principal, they will have an stand, a great showcase of their figures on exhibition and a painting demostration/workshop done by Pietro.

As every year, there will be for sure several workshops, demostrations and talks, they will be confirmated in the next days and you could see them in their Facebook.

And last but not least, the star of the event, the painting contest, in it a great number of painters, modellers and artist from all disciplines are found, they present their works, in which have been working for lot of hours. here you have the rules: in that link you will see the rules, time schedule and all the information you may need. The inscription could be done on-line or presential, i recommend you to do it online, it is fast, simplier and easier; and you will save some money too… A thing to have in mind. you could do it in this link:

From N.A.W. Magazine we want to inform you that, for sure, Joan Carles Ros “Rosman” will be on saturday and sunday; Alexis Calvo propably may be on sunday enjoying of the event. We will give an special award.

Se you on Torrent!