The echo, the influence, the actuality… When an artist as Mucha is sized, that words gain a double sense, is the example of virtuosism, is even the prototype of the unknown painter until you see his works. His work is so well integrated in our remembers that is imposible to have not seen any artwork by him or by any of his followers.

I’ve have had the pleasure to see in direct the art of this slav who revolutioned the modernity. Alphonse Mucha, with his brush and pencil, tronsformed the whole enviroment, creating an own way to understand the beauty, unknown until he reintrerpreted it. He has been and alredy is the poster designer of reference and a big format size painter, that with Slav Epic, showed to where he can arrive with his art. The echoes of his talent are already alive in the illustration world, you will see in artworks done by Adam Hughes, W. M. Kaluta or P. Craig Rusell, to give a few examples of illustrators that have made a tribute of Mucha in their comics or covers.

If sometimes you have the chance to visit Prague, you could do a stop and see the Slav Epic int its own magnificience.

Alexis Calvo