Next week, this adventure called New Art Ways (N. A. W.), will be 6 months, with its star product the magazine, a real thing as the number 0 and 1 are on sale. We have learned a lot in this time and we hope to learn and improve a lot more. We let you some numbers, which is the most objective to see our growing.



  • 91 Entries in the blog
  • 9 Step by step articles
  • 8 Parts of the photographic article
  • 20 Fridays of comic/painting/ilustration



  • 13 Vídeos in our channel
  • 13 FollowersSeguidores
  • 1284 Visualitzations

And here not stops, the number 2 is beign preparated, and a surprise too. We have some brand interested in collaborate with us and other new horitzons to conqueer. For all that we hope to be there with you for a long time!