After a few time studing, considerating, learning an improving in so many areas which were difficult or totally unknow for us, we come back again. Now being ourselves. Alexis and Joan Carles have gone out of the disformity, with renewved encouragement and with hopes in so many new things, without bandages or disturbances.

Enjoying us and the others with art; with works of the greatest imaginable painter, the most awesome stories, sculptores that made magic with their hands, ilustrators that made, as true as our, wonderful worlds… And all that, seen with the eyes of a child, the most pure imagination, something we must not lose, despite life, society and boring may ban that from our minds… We all draw as kids, and some day we stop that enjoyment, we prefer maths, literature, logical… and doing that, we lost a part of ourselves an a way of expresing.

I do not mean that this areas areas are bad, they are so important, totally necessary, and more important, compatible with artistic skills and in so many ocasion one is needed to do properly the others. We only have to red about the golden ratio, the Pi number, the relationship between literature and ilustration, the daily life representation of so many master works… Don’t close your life to all that, open the door and get ready to walk on new art ways that are in front of you!

Why N.A.W.?

Wen we were thinking about which wil be the name for that new venture, loads of options apeared, but we wanted something fur sure, that the initials form an acronym. The problem was to don’t choose an “unlucky” word. The winner name (and which you could see naming this web) is New Art Ways or N.A.W.; that was perfect for the motivation of our magazine and blog. With the initials there is a little game with the word “now”, it is writed with an “error” but bringing it closer to hoy it is pronounced fonetically (naʊ). For all that, this title is great for our intentions, defines perfectly, is asy to remember, it is an acronym and has a little linguistical game.

New Art Ways crew: Alexis Calvo y Joan Carles Ros