Last thursday we already show you that model in the entry dedicated to the collaboration we did with the english magazine Figure Painter Magazine (FPM) For its 45th issueara and which you could see here.

The figure is an excelent work comercialitzated by the catalan brand Alexandros Models, run by Alexandre Cortina. The bust has been sculpted by the master Adriano laruccia, his first incursion in modeling that kind of miniatures.

Who know me are aware that one of my prefered eras are the antique ones, with special mention to the old Greece and, as could not be in another way, Alexander the great is one of my favourite characters es uno de mis personajes preferidos.

Talking about the figure itself, it is painted with oils, a technique not so common in me, because i’m more used to acrylics. You could see all painting proces in the publication i mentioned before. The figure was painted some more than a year before but due the pact i did with FPM crew i wont publish it until it comes in the magazine.

I let you the pictures:

And the video we jhave already prepared for the past entry:

Don’t forget to visit Alexandros Models and Figure Painter Magazine webpages!