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Alexander the Great, 200mm, resin, Alexandros Models

Last thursday we already show you that model in the entry dedicated to the collaboration we did with the english magazine Figure Painter Magazine (FPM) For its 45th issueara and which you could see here. The figure is an excelent work comercialitzated by the catalan brand Alexandros Models, run by Alexandre Cortina. The bust has been sculpted by the [...]

July 31st, 2017|Collaborations, Finished Figures|


The convination in a matrimony of awesome artists, is not a so common thing but not imposible. He es from Perú but living in USA for lot of time and she is a well known bodybuilder. Boris Vallejo is a name that brings to mind an epoque of outstanding covers about barbarians, female warriors and [...]

July 28th, 2017|Illustration|

Step by step Alexander the Great, colaboration with Figure Painter Magazine (FPM) Nª45

Something more than a year ago our member Joan Carles Ros "Rosman" painted the Alexander the Great bust from Alexandros Models in 200mm. With that, he prepares a complete step by step of how he painted this bust in oils. In the 45th number you will find it, the text is tottaly in english and [...]

July 27th, 2017|Collaborations|

Kickstarter campaign: A Song of Ice and Fire

Yesterday a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was started by CoolMiniOrNot to launch A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Talk about CMON is the same as talking about one of the most succesful enterprises who launch crowdfunding campaigns, and it is strange if their games do not get even more than one million dollars. In this they need 300.000$ [...]

July 26th, 2017|Brands, Crowdfunding campaign, News|

Greater God resting Sniper

After several weeks showing the unboxing and the step by step. Finally i bring you the figure Greater God resting sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand finished. I let you a gallery with a lot of views: You [...]

Joseph Christian Leyendecker

That entry is thought to be a homage for the ilustrators of the common things that succed before the colour photography was a thing, wonderful chronists of the reality with an excelent technique. Leyendecher, a german ilustrator, and a very good Norman Rockwell's friend but with an style that could be defined as less hyperrealist [...]

July 21st, 2017|Illustration, Painters|

How to develope a concept part 2

Today we retake that section of the blog with a new entry about the planing about our characters. You could see the first entry on How to develope a concept part 1. We are going to focus on the dwarf character: As we did with the character itself searching in several sources, iconographical, references, other [...]

July 20th, 2017|Concepts, Illustration, Work in progress|

Masterworks by Renata Jansen on N. A. W. Magazine nº1

One of the new sections we have began in this N. A. W. Magazine nº1 issue are the Masterworks, in it you could see a gallery of a new work by one of the artist interviewed or mentioned on the past magazines. In that occasion you can enjoy with the wonderful figure Silver Moth by Renata [...]

July 19th, 2017|Finished Figures, Magazine, OOAK|

Taking photos to miniatures part 8

Last week i began with the practical part where, with all explained until now, we plan the scene from the hipotethical situation of my last finished figure until the realitzation of the picture itself. In that entry we will see the program i'm more used to interface. That is the picture i did, i've resized [...]

July 18th, 2017|Photography|

Step by step Wargame Exclusives part 5

Here i bring to you the last part of the step by step of the figure Greater God Resting Sniper from Wargame Exclusives brand. As i did with the photography articles i will put the summary of the whole entries at the end. In that entry i'm going to paint the parts of the alien that were [...]

July 17th, 2017|Brands, Guidance, Step by step, Tutorials|

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