Today we will continue doing the monday entries didicated to Wargame Exclusives figures, but changing the way. Until now we have seen detailedly unboxings of the four figures that they gave free for us, today I am going to begin an step by step here on the blog of the Greater God Resting Sniper figure, it’s review coud be seen here: Wargame Exclusives unboxing 1.

That figure is beggined by the base, because i need it totally ready before starting to paint the main figure, because there is not any way to handle it properly it has to be atatched. In that first article i will paint the silver parts on the plates of the armour and the dron which is on the floor. For that i use paints from Scale Colours, Golden Acrylics and Life Colors.

I prime the base with Flat Black from Life Colors, i prime the whole figure too with that colour. I use to prime the 28mm figure in black due i use it for the receases, then i don’t have to be focused in covering the deep zones or having clear stains.

I give to it a well covering base of Antracite grey from Scale Colours, i decide which zones will be silver for not having so much yellowish gold from the next part to paint.

I give a glaze if black on the silver parts, with so much care of not covering so much.

I retake the Antracite Grey and i draw the lights distribution, letting the darkned grey in the shadow i desired zones.

I add progresively Titanium White from Golden Acrylics until i get a 75%/25% of white and grey respectively.

I get until almost pure white in edges and corners.

Now, with pure white i do the maximum pints os light and several shines doing a micro star like shapes. I add even more black to the shadow zones.

Its time to show up a little of dirt. I give a so subtle tone with Scale’s Indian Shadow and apply it on the shadowed part of the metal to represent a bit of rust. With the greys i have on the palette i do small lines as they were scrapes here and there.

Hope you like it and it will be useful. On the next week we will se how i painted the golden metal.

Joan Carles Ros “Rosman”